For a hybridized culture

In the emerging new world, the business culture of retail banking is often out of synch:

  • Managing, when it’s becoming increasingly about innovation
  • Slow (cautious and cumbersome), when it’s about being able to change quickly
  • Compartmentalized operations, when speed and innovation require fluid teamwork
  • Focused on itself, its own sustainability, its profitability, its employees, rather than on its customers or the planet

Of course, there are reasons for and advantages to this culture, in a historically stable sector which is very concentrated and very regulated but risky by nature. However, this culture must evolve, which will affect both the formal dimension of the organization (organization chart, process, objectives, etc.) and the informal dimension (professional identities, behaviours, beliefs, rituals, etc.).

There are 3 priority axes:

  • Increase employee awareness of new issues / know-how: Data, IA, Innovation
  • Develop new transversal practices to streamline operations: managerial / collaborative practices, meeting management, e-mail management, project mode
  • Spread the ethical culture For Good in the company and draw the necessary conclusions, from purpose to customer and societal commitments, including inclusion and well-being at work

This cultural adjustment will involve learning, the arrival and promotion of different HR profiles, new types of organization, new symbols and objectives. It will be long because culture is not directly accessible. It should therefore be managed over time.

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