From the Maker Lab to the Cognitive Factory

iQoLab isn’t just a place where we think and develop plans; it’s also a manifestation of our role as Maker, even during the very early stages.

A theory, idea or innovation only makes sense if it can come to actual fruition, allowing all of the Lab’s contributors to project themselves and understand their own relevance.

Conversely, this Maker Lab element also makes it possible to identify innovations and new concepts, to shake up preconceptions allowing teams to get out of the box, change the world, and learn new skills.

For this, we create by drawing, making models, 3D prints … like the Fab Labs that have been deployed in recent years.

When our Maker Lab element convinces us of the relevance of an approach, of the use of data that could accelerate the transformation of companies, we project ourselves from the Maker Lab to the Cognitive Factory , where we can take the next step towards the realisation of our initial concept.

In this way the Cognitive Factory permits the realisation of an exploitation of data based on artificial intelligence, bringing together all the prerequisites for scaling up both in the technological and the business transformation dimension.

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